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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

I LOVE SCENTSY...the products...the people...the training...the company...the trips...!
A friend showed me her new Scentsy Kit with a simple affordable system to bring safe amazing fragrance to homes and personal space.
I could not quit thinking about those scents, so I checked out Scentsy from top to bottom...Was this for me? Was the company solid? What were their values? I saw that along with the opportunity to have my own Scentsy business...the possibility of balancing career, flexibility to be with family, volunteer and do mentoring -
You see, my job had been eliminated and I wanted to help with our finances. I had been looking for another job and got several job offers. I just did not have a peace about any of them and knew that I would have to give up some of the things I really wanted to do. I took none of them.
So...I decided to take the jump to start my own Scentsy business and paid the fee to join - I figured that if it did not work out, I had almost $300 in the value of the kit I thought it would not be a total loss and our house and cars would smell GREAT! That has been 10 years now and the $99 to join was a GREAT investment!
ll admit that Scentsy and Direct Sales was NOT what I had in mind, but it has been much more than I ever imagined! It has been more fulfilling than I expected and I am SO glad I made this decision! My Scentsy business allows me to earn All Expenses Paid trips around the world, have a flexible schedule to do lots of things I love, and be my own boss. I LOVE being a Scentsy Consultant and having a fun hobby (and make great money from home!). I am a Star Director and enjoy meeting new people, mentoring and coaching my team with their own businesses!

I would love to help YOU be successful with your own Scentsy business too!